Blob Instructions

Copy+pasted from Ana's email so you don't have to dig around for it in your emails:

Hi there guys,

First of all…well, I want to offer you my apologies. I think the tutorial for OpenCV was not as good as I expected. Next time I will test all my examples in Windows instead of Linux, so I don't have problems right on the spot. Promise.

Second, to finish the tutorial stuff, remember I did not explain the Blob Detection stuff? Well, I have updated that in the slides (which are in my prism account under : and I have added working code in the Demo, in case you don't have your own code working by now (check out the updated OpenCVDemo code in

To run this updated OpenCVDemo you have to generate the Blobs library first (cvBlobsLib - This is a static library, so you have to download the code, generate a project and generate the .lib file…And here comes the problem:

Your TA was not able to run the latest version (V8.1) of cvBlobsLib with her setup (Visual Studio 2010 + OpenCV 2.2 in Windows 7)!

It may be just an error of mine or the fact that OpenCV 2.2 have some issues with MFC and windows.h..who knows. However in Linux it works fine. After some hacking, I was able to make work a slightly older version, cvBlobsLib 6.1. So, the OpenCVDemo is running with that one.

How to install? Well, if you can do it by yourself, great! If not, I did some small modifications to the original file . So, if you want to use my version, just download the zip file ( from . If your OpenCV 2.2 is located in C:\OpenCV2.2, then it should build right away. If not, you must change the directories accordingly (the same way as with MiGIO)

Ah! And for the OpenCVDemo, as you are using now the cvBlobsLib, you have to add it to your library and include directories:

  • In OpenCVDemo, go to Properties - VC++ Directories - Include Directories . Change the "C:\Users\ana\MySoftware\cvblobslib_OpenCV_v6" with the folder where you build the library mentioned above.
  • Go to Properties - VC++ Directories - Library Directories . Change the "C:\Users\ana\MySoftware\cvblobslib_OpenCV_v6\Debug" with the folder where your library (cvblobslib.lib) was generated. It is usually the Debug folder inside the one where the code is

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