Introduction to Perception and Robotics 2011

Basic Info

This is a wiki for the 2011 IPR Course:

  • IPR 2011 WebPage - The course webpage contains information about the class, PDFs of slides from previous lectures and reading material.

Final Project

Project 3 Demo Videos

  • Isla Sorna: end of their demo after they got the fruit
  • JIG & LOLCODE: Annoyingly this is too big for this website, so it's download only at Rapidshare now. Anyway, this is a long video of J.I.G. and briefly of LOLCODE (at the end of their demo).

Group Pages

  • LOLCODE: Saul Reynolds-Haertle, Jason Tilley, Karthik Narayan, Jun Hyuk Yim
  • Snowpocalypse: Andres Guzman, Travis Hint, Greg Mitchell, Michael Riley
  • Pill Dickle: Arjun Menon, Chris Julian, Fei Tie, Mebaa Kidane
  • Team Rocket: Jackson Walsh, Nate Tinkler, Grant Saunders, Joseph Rogers
  • I herd u leik rovioz: Ankit Shankar, Aurel Lazar, Cesar Flores, Elisabeth Hutzel
  • Cyber Terrorism: Aaron Clarke, Bryan Ake, James Donald
  • J.I.G.: Jinghui Wang, Irfan Somani, Gaurav Mathur, Mudit Manu Paliwal

Contacts & Groups

  • Student Contact - This is the contact info for students in the class. If your info is not listed, please add it.

Robot Tips

  • ROVIO - Information and tips on using the Rovio.
  • PLEO - Questions and help on using the Pleo.


  • OpenCV - Premier Free Vision Library
  • Eigen - For Perception & Normal Linear Algebra

Starter Code

Interesting Robot Videos / Info

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